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Online Resources for Broadcast History in the West

Many communities in the West are fortunate enough to have dogged media history enthusiasts who devote their personal time to preserving and sharing information, photographs and other cool stuff about their favorite local stations and personalities. The web, of course, has allowed just about anyone anyplace to have access, and all of us with similar interests reap the benefits!

Here are a couple of online favorites for media history based in the Pacific Northwest:

Craig Adams &
Beaver State broadcast expert Craig Adams posts interesting tidbits from Oregon media history all the time at this popular industry message board, and lots of regular readers add fascinating comments to the thread. It's worth checking out every day for "This Day in Portland Radio History" feature.

Old Seattle Radio Saturday via BlatherWatch in Seattle
Michael Hood's BlatherWatch blog (motto: "Listening to talk radio so you don't have to") supplements its usual irreverent take on contemporary Seattle talkers with local media history through the weekly feature Old Seattle Radio Saturday. Source of much of the material (including top-notch photos and promo brochures) is collector and local Top 40 radio expert Bill Taylor.

Do you know of similar resources in other parts of the West or the United States? If so, please share via the "comment" function of this blog. We'll highlight the best of them in a future post, and eventually in a special section of the WSMB website.

(Posted by Feliks Banel)

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