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William S. Paley and Supersized, Natural-Color Stereoscopic Screens

Here's an interesting excerpt from the 1930 book Radio And Its Future (edited by Martin Codel), published by Harper & Brothers in New York. This passage about the future of televison is from the chapter called "Radio and Entertainment," written by CBS founder William S. Paley, who seems to get some key elements right (it's just that the big screens aren't in theaters--they're in HOMES!):

"Even when television is perfected on a commercial scale and televised subjects are broadcast for reception directly in millions of homes, the motion-picture theater will continue to thrive as the gathering place of entertainment-seeking multitudes. The history of the theater and the radio would seem to bear me out.

When television comes, whether it be in a few years or a score, it will play a large part in the operation of the very theaters that some may feel it threatens. Our imaginations can run riot when we speculate upon the illimitable possibilities of television in relation to motion-picture theaters.

Consider what can be done in the field of newsreels alone! Imagine seeing flashed upon the screen in simultaneous sight and sound a news event of major importance as it is taking place! Visualize world-series baseball games, football games, automobile and horse races, transported the instant they occur on supersized, natural-color stereoscopic screens!"

(Excerpt is from page 66)

(Posted by Feliks Banel)

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