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Tacoma, WA-born and Spokane, WA-raised Bing Crosby was apparently quite far ahead of his time as far as preservation of once-ephemeral TV broadcasts are concerned.

A New York Times article published on the web today reveals that Der Bingle had the only known complete kinescope of the last game of the 1960 World Series tucked away in his wine cellar.

Bing also donated an extensive collection of recordings of his 1940s radio broadcasts and several priceless artifacts from his career to alma mater Gonzaga University in Spokane. A trip to the Inland Empire is not complete without a visit to the Crosbyana Room on the Gonzaga campus, with several of Bing's gold records, Grammy awards and other assorted "Bing Bling" on display.

For the more serious Crosby scholar, the Gonzaga Library is also steward of the Crosby-related archival materials in the university's collection, which are accessible by appointment.

Crosby was ahead of his time as a broadcast entertainer, too. In the mid 1940s, he was one of the first performers to shift from making live radio broadcasts of his variety program each week to taping (and editing) programs in advance. This allowed for re-doing skits with fluffed lines or songs with sour notes, and made for more consistent quality (and, allegedly, more time for Bing on the golf course).

(Posted by Feliks Banel)

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