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Broadcaster Interviews

As part of the Museum’s permanent collection, the Museum has conducted interviews with a variety of individuals whose careers have been significant in the development of broadcasting. 

Individuals whose careers have contributed to the development of radio and television in Oregon were interviewed in connection with the pending publication of the book, Pioneer Mikes, written by the JPR Foundation’s Executive Director, Ronald Kramer.  Pioneer Mikes is a collaborative undertaking between the WSMB and the Oregon Association of  Broadcasters.  The following individuals were interviewed as part of the Oregon project.  Some interviews were conducted on audiotape in the 1990’s.  The majority of these interviews were conducted as videotaped conversation since 2001. Some interviews were conducted by Brian Mount, President, Young and Roehr Group, and a Museum volunteer; the majority were conducted by Ronald Kramer.

Ancil Payne – Former President, King Broadcasting
Ben Dawson – Principal, Hatfield-Dawson Engineering
Bill Clark – Former Staff Member, KOTI-TV
Bill Kirk – Former Director of Engineering, KOBI-TV
Bill Read – Son of Harry Read, founder of KWJJ, KSLM and other stations
Bill Schonely – Sportscaster, Voice of the Portland Trailblazers
Blaine Hanks – Former KOIN Radio announcer; founder KRBM(FM)
Bob Chopping – Former Owner, KAST Radio; staff member of KOOS and other stations
Bob LaBonte – Former staff member, KPOJ, KUGN, KXL; General Manager, KERG
Bob McClanathan – Former Chief Engineer KPFM; Consulting Engineer for many Oregon stations
Bob Johnson – Former Owner, KMED Radio
Bob Rathman – Former General Manager, KRVM(FM)
J. L (Leroy) Buss Jolley – Former General Manager, KJDY
Carl Fisher – Former Owner, KUGN; son of Carl “Pop” Fisher, owner of various stations
Carolyn Chambers – Chairman and CEO, Chambers Communications Inc., owner of KEZI(TV), KDRV(TV), KDKF(TV) and other properties
Dave Rees, Sr. – Former Chief Engineer, KMED Radio; owner, KMJC(AM)
Dave (David W) Woodward – Former General Manager, KPNW; staff member at other stations
Dave Weinkauf – General Manager, KVAL(TV); staff member at other stations
Dom Monahan – Broadcast Attorney representing a variety of Oregon client stations
Don Breede – Former staff member, KEX
Don Hunter – Former staff member, KWAX(FM); recording engineer for variety of stations
Don McCoun – Former Owner, KUIK(AM); staff member at variety of stations
Don Smullin – General Manager, KBVU(TV); former General Manager KOBI(TV); former owner KLOO Radio and a variety of other stations
Don Stonehill – Former General Manager KOTI(TV); staff member at a variety of other stations
Don Tykeson – President, Tykeson Associates Enterprises; former President, Liberty Communications
Doug LaMear – Former Sportscaster KGW(TV); former staff member KPTV(TV)
Ellis Feinstein – Former President, Scala Electronics; former Dir. of Engineering, KMED Radio/KTVL(TV), KTVZ(TV) and other stations
Eric Bremner – former President, King Broadcasting
Floyd Wynne – Former General Manager KFLW (now KFLS)
George Rambo – Former staff member, KWIN Radio, KMED Radio and other stations
Gordon Bussey – Former staff member (aka “Shipwreck Kelly”) KVAL(TV); also on staff ad KVAS, KERG; former Manager, Oregon Association of Broadcasters
Greg Walden – Owner, KIHR, KODL
Hank Henry – Former News Director, KMED Radio/KTVL(TV); formerly with KGW Radio
Harry Barker – Former General Manager, KQMS(AM); former staff member, KMED
Jack Capell – Former staff member/meteorologist KGW; former staff member KPTV(TV)
Jack Flemming – Former staff member, KUGN and other stations
Jerry Poulos – Former staff member KOBI(TV), California/Oregon Broadcasting
Jim Bosley – Former weatherman, KATU(TV) and other stations
Jim Bradley – Former announcer KIHR; engineering consultant to various stations
Jim Howe – Former News Director, KEX
John Doyle – Former News Director, KVAL(TV); formerly at KRNR(AM) and KPIC(TV)
John Shepherd – Former Advisor to KWAX(FM); ret. Professor of Speech, University of Oregon
Keith Lollis – Former General Manager, KDRV(TV); previously at KGW Radio and TV, KING(TV)
Lee Bishop – Former Owner KORE(AM); former staff member KMED; former owner, KSLM; former Manager, Oregon Association of Broadcasters
Lee Wade – Engineer, KTVL(TV)
Leon Hunsaker – Meterologist KDOV(FM); formerly at KOBI(TV), KTVL(TV)
Lester Smith – President, Kaye-Smith Enterprises, former owner of KXL Radio and many other stations
Lloyd Tatro – Weatherman, KQIK Radio
Marty Brantley – Former General Manager, KPTV(TV)
Mel Tynon – Director of Engineering KTVL; formerly with KCMX and other stations
Mildred Davey – Former General Manager KTIL(AM), host of “Womans World” KTIL
Patsy Smullin – President, California-Oregon Broadcasting
Phil Gray – Owner, KJDY
Philip Henning – Former staff member KWIN
Ray Johnson – Former President, Radio Medford
Ray Watson – Former staff member KXL and other Kaye-Smith stations
Richard P. Kale – Former General Manager KEX
Richard Ross – Former News Director, KGW(TV)
Russell K. Olson – Former General Manager KPTV(TV); staff member and/or owner, various other stations
Russell Sadler – Syndicated broadcast news commentator
Shirley Howard – Former staff member, Oregon Public Broadcasting
Steve Arnold – Staff member, California Oregon Broadcasting
Tam Moore – Former newsman, KOBI(TV)
Ted Hallock – Former Program Director KPOJ Radio; former staff member KGW, KEX and other stations
Ted Smith – Former Owner KUMA, KJDY
Tom Becker – Former Owner KNPT; former staff member various other stations
Tom Doggett – VP, TV Programming, Oregon Public Broadcasting
Wilbur J. Jerman – Founder and Former Owner, KWJJ, KPRA(FM)

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