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Newsletter Archive

The WSMB is an affiliate of the non-profit JPR Foundation and is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of the radio, television and recording industries. When completed the WSMB will include a research library and archive, displays of equipment and artifacts, including radio and television receivers and broadcast equipment, displays of typical historical radio and television programming and a variety of interactive exhibits.

In addition to the Museum’s exhibits and collections, its programs will include an active education program including visiting lectures and performances by persons drawn from the broadcasting industry.

PDF - WSMB Vol 3 Issue 2   WSMB VOL 3 ISSUE 2 4- PG VERS.PDFSpacer(2915.6KB)
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: WSMB Pre-Design Near Completion, Don Lee—the West Coast’s Own Network, If You Thought Programming a VCR was Hard..., Recent WSMB Acquisitions, Paul and Greg Walden Profile, Air and Space Travel Programs on Radio/TV

PDF - WSMB Vol 3 Issue 1   WSMB VOL 3 ISSUE 1.PDFSpacer(744.3KB)
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: WSMB Architectural Design in Progress, Hoot Owls an early; longrunning KGW series, Recent Acquisitions: the Smullin Collection, Albums covering early Oregon radio donated, Profile of KUMA’s Ted Smith, Cooking Programs: a Broadcasting Staple

PDF - WSMB Vol 2 Issue 2   WSMB VOL 2 ISSUE 2.PDFSpacer(488.3KB)
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: WSMB Creation Authorized, Invention of electronic television, Recent Acquisitions: the Ray Johnson collection, First Stereo radio broadcasts, Unusual applications of the word ‘radio”, Profile of Lester Smith, Sheet music reflected early ideas about radio

PDF - WSMB Vol 2 Issue 1   WSMB VOL 2 ISSUE 1.PDFSpacer(1409.6KB)
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Land Leased for WSMB, AP national coverage on WSMB, Recent Acquisitions, Early Television, WSMB Feasibility Study Completed, Profile of Mildred Davy, Metropolitan Opera radio archival recordings

PDF - WSMB Vol 1 Issue 1   WSMB VOL 1 ISSUE 1.PDFSpacer(389.8KB)
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Contracts Near, Metropolitan OperaBroadcast archives, American Journalism Review, KBPS Archives, NBC Organ to come home?, Oregon Broadcasting History book, It’s Howdy Doody Time

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